Do you need to have a digital presence when recruiting?

By Brian Pho | October 11, 2022 | Employer Articles

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Your digital presence in the recruitment industry should be one of your top prerogatives. It influences your sales and can affect your hiring pipeline.

According to a LinkedIn report:

72% of compelling leaders worldwide agreed that an employer brand affects hiring. The top three platforms to expand their online existence are website (69%), online professional networks (61%) and social media (47%).

According to another LinkedIn report:

75% of job seekers view an employer’s brand before even applying for a job.

52% of candidates first seek out: the company’s website and social media to know more about the employer. This blog will help you look at approaches to ensure your company is found when employing new talents.

Powerful Branding

A powerful brand that is persistent and recognisable is essential to potential employees when it comes to rejecting or accepting an offer. Creating an association helps prospects determine if they think they will be a cultural fit.

Be consistent and active on social media and suitable talent media to ensure you are seen in the job market. If you are creating content on social media, make sure you align yourself and thoughtfully affiliate with other brands that reflect the same thoughts or resemblances. Guarantee your business is transparent in all communications you unleash, whether online or at work.

Digital Strategy

Some of the things to consider for digital strategy:

  • Have a strategy behind your social media and online presence. 
  • Plan thoroughly.
  • Be clear and specific with your message.
  • Don’t post things just for the sake of it.
  • Ensure that your message is straightforward with what you are trying to tell. 

They want to see consistent ideas and visions that define your company and what you offer. This will help fetch traffic to your website and improve your credibility in your domain. It also draws people’s interest and further looks into your business across other media. 

Content Design

Content marketing helps readers relate to your brand. The key is understanding how to leverage your media to make it as enjoyable as possible and to draw genuine interest. Create a brand personality; assembling a successful company without a face is challenging. Make your content unique and relatable for better engagement. Ask questions, reply and engage in the comments section and shares. You don’t always need to do a hard sell! 

Social media statistics that you should know:

  • 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search.  
  • Recruitment via social media is increasing, with 84% of businesses using it.
  • Forty million people look for jobs on LinkedIn weekly. 


We’ve determined three critical areas to ensure your business is consistently seen and acknowledged. Branding, digital/online approach and good content will provide a user with all the components required to see what your brand is and if they would like to join the team.Campbell Morden is a reliable staffing agency in Canada with the experience, confidentiality, and understanding to fit candidates to your specifications, ensuring long term retention and success.  Contact us today!

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