Why You Need To Be Recruiting For Manufacturing During A Pandemic

By Brian Pho | February 2, 2021 | Employer Articles

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What Does Recruitment Look Like In The Manufacturing Industry Right Now

2020 was definitely a strange year for all of us. 2021 will most likely be no different. With hopes of a nation-wide vaccination strategy, we believe that that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. How does this pandemic affect recruitment times? Are companies still hiring and proceeding with their recruitment plans in 2021? Here’s why you need to be recruiting for manufacturing during a pandemic.

With our Premiere of Ontario visiting manufacturing plants in South Western Ontario during last year, manufacturing recruitment is at an all time high! There are very specific sectors of manufacturing that are hurting, but many Ontario manufacturing sectors are booming. Through my networking and client communications, I am experiencing first hand that the manufacturing industry is shifting in response to environmental and governmental regulations. Recently, Unifor just approved a $1B deal with GM Oshawa plant to build Electric Vehicles.

Within the past decade, we’ve seen struggles in the automotive industry. Most of the work has been exported outside of Canada with multi-nationals building and expanding their plants in Mexico and China. While grocery stores are considered essential services, food processing and ingredient supplier plants are extremely busy. Ramping up production with some food processing plants trying to meet demands from said essential grocery stores. With all the networking I’ve done in 2020, I have seen a surplus of roles in automotive, food processing and the agriculture industry (full list of industries I work with).

recruiting for manufacturing during a pandemic

In short, there are still a lot of jobs out there within the Canadian manufacturing sector. Many companies are looking at very specific and technical skill sets to keep up with the demand of manufacturing they saw last year. Especially with Federal government stimulus provided to companies during the pandemic. I believe this will not stop in 2021. Most of my clients are reporting record breaking revenue years in 2020. What does that mean for you? It might be time to get ahead, plan for the future and start recruiting for manufacturing during a pandemic.

What’s Happening In Current Manufacturing Jobs

During the pandemic, I find that most manufacturing managers are re-evaluating their teams. Targeting under-performing managers and using the pandemic as an excuse to relieve or retire non-performers within their teams. This leaves the recruitment industry to be extremely busy. During 2020, I have been given the opportunity to work on positions that require confidential replacements, or replace performers that have not fit well within the organization. Seniority within a company has lost value during the pandemic as performance can get laxed with time spent at the company.

We are now in 1st Quarter of 2021. There is a clear pent-up demand for manufacturing jobs in Canada and this trend will continue throughout the rest of 2021. Reach out to me here if you’d like to chat about filling a role among your manufacturing team before it’s too late.

Maybe this is a good time for you to seek a change of employment?

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