The Top 5 Manufacturing Careers You Should Get Into For 2023 Before It’s Too Late

By Brian Pho | January 20, 2023 | Job Seekers

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As manufacturing continues to be a major player in the global economy, manufacturing careers are becoming increasingly popular. With more businesses looking for qualified manufacturing professionals, now is the time to get your foot in the door before it’s too late. If you’re considering getting into a manufacturing career, this article will provide insights on some of the top 5 manufacturing jobs that you should consider for 2023. These include industrial engineers, production managers, quality assurance technicians and more. We will discuss why these jobs are great opportunities and what skills and qualifications are needed to make them successful. So if you’re interested in entering a manufacturing career this year, then read on!

The manufacturing industry this past year, 2022

The manufacturing industry saw tremendous growth in the year 2022. Global manufacturing output increased by 5.8%, with the largest increases coming from China, the US, and Germany. This growth was driven in part by increased demand for products around the world due to higher consumer spending after the pandemic and an increase in manufacturing activity.

Where the manufacturing industry is going for 2023

The manufacturing industry is expected to continue its upward trajectory in 2023, with manufacturing output projected to grow by 4.4%. This growth is being driven by the continued need for products around the world, coupled with new technologies and increased automation in manufacturing processes.

In particular, there will be an increased focus on new materials, such as composites and 3D printing, and manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing. These new technologies are expected to revolutionize manufacturing, leading to increased efficiency and productivity, cost savings, and improved product quality.

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Top 5 manufacturing careers for 2023

Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers design efficient manufacturing systems that optimize production methods, maximize resource utilization, and adhere to manufacturing standards. They often play an integral role in the manufacturing process, ensuring that production runs smoothly and efficiently. With manufacturing continuing to accelerate, industrial engineers are in high demand for 2023.

Production Managers

Production managers oversee and coordinate a manufacturing operation’s staff and activities. They are responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process, ensuring that all activities are running smoothly and efficiently. Production managers play an instrumental role in manufacturing production, helping to ensure the timely delivery of products and adherence to regulations.

Quality Assurance Technicians

Quality assurance technicians are responsible for testing manufactured products to ensure they meet quality standards and customer expectations. They review manufacturing processes and use specialized testing equipment to evaluate product performance and identify defects. Quality assurance technicians will be an integral part of manufacturing operations in 2023 as companies continue their drive for quality products.

Robotics Engineers

Robotics engineers develop robotic manufacturing systems that optimize production and reduce risk. They design manufacturing control systems, program robots, and analyze manufacturing data to ensure manufacturing is running efficiently. Robotics engineers are in high demand for 2023 as manufacturing continues to embrace automation technologies and robotic manufacturing tools.

Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance technicians perform regular maintenance and repair tasks on manufacturing equipment to ensure it runs correctly and safely. They often use their problem-solving skills to troubleshoot complex equipment issues, identify manufacturing defects, and provide solutions to manufacturing problems. Maintenance technicians are key players in manufacturing operations, helping to ensure that production runs without interruption.

In 2023, these five manufacturing careers will be in high demand as global manufacturing continues its growth trajectory. If you’re looking for a career in manufacturing that offers stability and longevity, consider one of these manufacturing positions. With the right training and experience, you can enjoy a successful manufacturing career for years to come.

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