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Campbell Morden is a Canadian human-resources personel consulting, recruiting company. We search and recruit, screen, check professional and educational references, as well as negotiate on your behalf to ensure your requirements are met. We identify the best solutions to target your needs by utilizing our recruitment skills and marketing through various vehicles at no additional cost.

We specialize in the placement of Engineering, Sales and Management Professionals for the Automotive and Aerospace Manufacturing Industry and the Green/sustainable Energy Industry as well as Allied healthcare professionals, Executive Health,Disability Case Management, Clinic Directors/Supervisors, Occupational Health and Safety, Long Term Care, Pharmacy, Quality Assurance (IME) Coordinators, Bankruptcy Trustees and Insolvency Estate Administration professionals.

We have two locations to work with our clients in the GTA, located in Vaughan and Toronto, Ontario and also serve clients seeking jobs and employers seeking candidates in the United States.

We locate appropriate candidates to fit your unique specifications, customizing our approach for each search by leveraging:
  • business & professional relationships
  • affiliations
  • social networks
  • advanced data-management solutions


  • Succession Planning Recruiting Services
    With an aging population, companies are looking for that next senior executive or senior manager to step into their shoes. We understand that this can be a very difficult find. Not only does the newly minted hire must follow in the successor's footsteps, the candidate must fit into the company culture with specific niche experiences. We can assist you in finding that next bright, young star.
  • Confidential Recruiting Services
    Have an employee that is underperforming or not fitting in with the corporate culture? Are you terrified that releasing this employee at this moment might cause a significant gap in your organizaion? We can help by conducting a strictly behind closed doors confidential search. We understand the sensitivity of this situation and we can even set-up off site meeting facilities at our offices to cater to these cases.
  • Contingent Recruiting Services
    Having a tough time to fill that position? Tried traditional/online forms of advertising in a 'Post and Pray' scenario and still have not found that right fit. You know the search is a needle in a haystack. We understand that a position left open for months can be costly to the company's bottom line. We can help.
  • Growth Orientated Recruiting Services
    Are you a small business looking to grow? Don't have qualified staff to support your growth or business plan? We will partner with you to discuss your  growth plans and define what kind of individual you will need to grow your business. Through our network and our connections, we have the ability to source and scan the marketplace, screen and assess suitable candidates that can be your next critical hire in order for you to grow your business to the next level.


We custom-cater our fees and guarantee period depending on each project.

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