Permanent Staffing

Campbell Morden is your reliable permanent staffing agency. We have the experience, confidentiality, and understanding to fit candidates to your specifications, ensuring long term retention and success.

Retain Employees

The environment of sticking around at one job has come and gone, which means finding employees that you can retain is even more important. Campbell Morden fits our candidates long term goals with your business to increase retention rates and overall satisfaction.


Campbell Morden knows the importance of confidentiality especially when it comes to hiring. You can trust our team to provide the utmost level of security and confidentiality when filling your permanent staffing needs.

Reduced Risk

We recognize finding and selecting the right candidate has become increasingly difficult. Costing your business time and money, Campbell Morden removes the risk and ensures that the candidate is the right fit before you spend time training.

Monthly Billing Process

Campbell Morden’s monthly billing direct hire process gives more control to our customers and more validity to our services.

Although our fees will be initially higher than the traditional method of recruitment billings, the recruitment fee will be split into 12 monthly payments. So if a candidate decides to leave the organization anytime within the 12 months, we will stop monthly invoicing our customers.

*only available for manufacturing & engineering recruitment services

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