Employers: 3 Things Recruiters Look For When Working With You

By Brian Pho | July 6, 2021 | Industry Trends

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How do you partner with a recruiter to help you fill unfulfilled roles?

How do agency recruiters fit into a business? Have you ever wondered where our services benefit you the most? What type of companies / firms can utilize recruiters to get the best results from them? Do you feel unfulfilled by your current recruiter?

Just like automobiles, there is an automobile to fit every budget. There are also many different types of recruiters to fit your annual budget. If you want luxury, a German manufactured automobile might suit your needs. However, if you want a commuter vehicle, maybe a less expensive locally made brand might suit you. Recruiters get bombarded with job orders on a daily basis. The role of a busy agency recruiter is to prioritize which job assignments that we want to work on.

Here are three (3) things recruiters look for when working with you on finding the best available talent.

1. Flow of Communication

Is there a constant flow of communication between the Hiring Manager and the Recruiter?

Recruiters evaluate every job order that comes through their desk. Clear communication, transparency and being open about your organization is what every recruiter wants when working with a hiring manager. A job description constructed by a human resource professional lacks the internal politics, reason and why this position is open. These points are important to a recruiter. Almost always, a recruiter has to understand the company culture and the people involved in the team in order to recruit the most suitable candidate for the role. Just like any relationship (personal or work related), when you start abandoning and isolating that communication, it becomes less likely that the recruiter will be effective. They might easily move on to the next job order where they can get that constant flow of communication from the hiring manager.

Things Recruiters Look For When Working With You

2. Size of HR Department

Recruiters work well in medium size organization. I am a Canadian Manufacturing Recruiter. I find my most success is working with a) Canadian Subsidiaries of Manufacturing companies or b) SME manufacturing shops or privately owned companies with revenues between $10M – $25M.

We understand that large corporate entities have internal talent acquisition teams competing against them. They also have external resources like Indeed.com and LinkedIN to compete with. I understand that I will not receive and fill all the job orders in the company. I feel that if we specialize in a certain area, we have a chance at filling the hard-to-fill orders. We can act as part of your Human Resource team – assessing and evaluating candidates through job board sites and sourcing passive talent in your niche market. If a private organization does not have a Talent Acquisition or Human Resource department or if you are too busy with your current position, try engaging a recruiter to find suitable talent for your organization.

Things Recruiters Look For When Working With You

3. Outsourcing To Multiple Recruiters

I need more candidates. Let me outsource my job to multiple recruiters and I’ll get a bigger pool of candidates to choose from.

This is a common fallacy that I hear from Talent Acquisition Teams and Human Resource Professionals. Just like how a company assesses and evaluates their potential vendors, recruiters evaluate and assess their clients on a constant basis. If we are fighting against internal talent acquisition teams, multiple recruiters on a job order, why would we want to work on your job order? During this post-pandemic world, just like doctors, recruiters are very busy individuals. If they feel that our time is being wasted on a client or constantly fighting against internal and external recruitment sources , we will move on to a client where we feel we can assist them to the best of our ability.

Things Recruiters Look For When Working With You

Now the next time you’re working with a recruiter you’re able to identify things recruiters look for when working with you. By putting this into practice you’re setting yourself up to get talented and qualified candidates from your recruiter.

If you are serious about filling your manufacturing role, please contact me and let’s start a conversation.

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