Campbell Morden consultants remain in touch with you at all stages of the recruitment process. We take time to thoroughly screen, interview and evaluate potential candidates in person, finding you the best candidate for the job. We strongly respect employer and candidate confidentiality, the Campbell Morden recruitment team is the premier choice for confidential search and replacement today.

How Does The Employer Process Work?

Employer process step 1

Job Inquiry & Relationship

Campbell Morden works with clients throughout the entire recruitment process. Reach out to us and let us know which position you’re looking to fill and the requirements for the job.

Employer process step 2

Job Details & Networking

We network with qualified individuals based on the job, company and candidate details, keeping the staffing search confidential and secure. Our network of Canadian candidates has been built up over 15+ years of experience

Employer process step 3

Screening & Assesment

The Campbell Morden screening process is thorough and strict, it allows us to select reliable and effective candidates. We pride ourselves on openness and transparency when it comes to assessing the possible candidate. We don’t recommend the hire unless we believe in the fit!

Employer process step 4

Interview & Selection

The final stage includes in-person interviews, verifying the suitability of the candidate for your specific role. Working with the same industry specializations has allowed us to identify the best candidates for the job!

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