Electric Vehicles Are The Wave Of The Future

Transportation has been a hot topic in the media within the last 5 years. The push from the Federal Government to create a Zero Emission Vehicle Act by 2040 is an aggressive target automotive manufacturers need to hit. Automotive manufacturers now have to re-think their processes and re-tool their plants in order to start manufacturing battery and solar powered cars. Earlier this year, GM Canada announced that it will invest $1B to their CAMI plant in Ingersoll, ON to start manufacturing commercial electric vehicles. Here is why electric vehicles are the wave of the future.

electric vehicles are the wave of the future

Effects On the Ontario Manufacturing Sector

One of the largest manufacturing sectors in Ontario is automobiles. In 2017, Ontario exported nearly 35.3% of motor vehicles and automotive parts world-wide. This is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in Canada along with food, CPG and manufacturing services. GM created a brand new subsidiary called BrightDrop to assemble commercial electric vehicles here in Ontario. Similarly, Ford and Chrysler have taken steps forward in their electric vehicle manufacturing. In the latter half of 2020, Ford Motor Co. planned on manufacturing 5 battery powered models to be released in 2025. What’s surprising about all of this sustainable engineering is that ALL battery powered models will be assembled and manufactured in the Ford Oakville assembly plant which was slated for closure in the early half of 2020.

This is good news for the automotive sector in Ontario. Automotive manufacturers has been through a rocky ride throughout the last decade. Within the last decade, I have seen many plant closures in the automotive sector in Ontario. Many manufacturers have been shifting their focus and migrating their plants to Mexico due to cheaper material, export, and labor costs. I think its paramount that we keep automotive manufacturing here in Ontario. The Automotive sector is one of the largest stimulators of the Canadian Economy. It employs many working Canadians and feeds the automotive supply chain in Ontario. Losing automotive manufacturing in Ontario would be a mistake.

electric vehicles are the wave of the future

The Future Impacts

I am very optimistic of the direction the Federal Government is taking by aiming for zero emissions before 2040. Automotive manufacturers are a key element in Ontario’s manufacturing sector. New sustainable infrastructure, electric vehicle manufacturing and support for battery manufacturing will create new sustainable jobs that will strengthen Ontario’s automotive sector. It would tell Ontarians that we are “Open For Business”. The Driving Prosperity – Future of Ontario Automotive sector is a great read put forth by the Government and I believe this sector can transform and thrive for years to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact me today if you are interested in learning more about Ontario’s automotive manufacturing sector and the new careers created.

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