Dispelling Common Stereotypes When Working With A Recruiter

By Brian Pho | September 14, 2023 | Job Seekers

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Understanding the role of a recruiter

Recruiting plays an integral role in connecting job seekers with potential employers. Recruiters act as intermediaries, working closely with both candidates and employers to identify the right fit. Unfortunately, recruiters often face various stereotypes that can hinder their effectiveness. This blog post aims to dispel some common stereotypes when working with a recruiter, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

Stereotype #1: Recruiters are only interested in making a commission

The first of the stereotypes when working with a recruiter is that recruiters are solely motivated by their commission. While it’s true that recruiters receive a fee for their services, their ultimate goal is to find the best possible match for both the employer and the candidate. By understanding each party’s unique needs and qualifications, recruiters strive to create mutually beneficial outcomes and lasting professional relationships.

Stereotype #2: I can’t work with a recruiter if I’m currently employed

Another stereotype is the belief that recruiters only work with individuals who are currently unemployed. This is far from the truth. Recruiters are often eager to partner with employed candidates seeking new opportunities, as they bring valuable skills and experience to the table. In fact, working with a recruiter while employed can provide a confidential and discreet channel to explore new job prospects without jeopardizing one’s current position.

Stereotype #3: Candidates are charged a fee to work with a recruiter

Contrary to popular belief, candidates are typically not charged a fee to work with a recruiter. It is the hiring employer who typically incurs the recruitment costs. Recruiters are compensated through an employer agreement, typically a percentage of the candidate’s salary upon successful placement. Therefore, job seekers can utilize the expertise of recruiters at no direct cost to themselves.

Stereotype #4: Recruiters only hire temporary jobs

While it is true that some recruiters specialize in filling temporary job positions, this does not represent the entire industry. In the manufacturing sector, for example, manufacturing recruiters focus on matching candidates with long-term, permanent positions. These recruiters possess a deep knowledge of the industry and maintain relationships with companies seeking permanent employees, ensuring candidates have access to a wide range of career opportunities.

Stereotype #5: Recruiters are not invested in the long-term success of candidates

On the contrary, a good recruiter is highly invested in the long-term success of their candidates. Recruiters understand that a successful placement for both the candidate and the employer ultimately reflects positively on their reputation as well. By carefully assessing the candidate’s skills, aspirations, and cultural fit, recruiters strive to connect them with employers that offer growth opportunities and align with their long-term career goals.

Stereotype #6: Working with a recruiter is a long process

Some individuals may avoid working with a recruiter due to a misconception that the process is time-consuming and lengthy. While it’s true that the recruitment process involves thorough evaluation and screening, recruiters are equipped with efficient strategies and technologies to streamline the process. By leveraging their industry expertise, recruiters can identify suitable candidates quickly, facilitating a smoother and faster recruitment experience.

Building effective partnerships with recruiters

By breaking down these common stereotypes, it becomes evident that recruiters play a crucial role in connecting qualified candidates with suitable employers. Manufacturing recruiters, specifically, possess deep industry knowledge and are invested in the long-term success of their candidates. Working with a recruiter offers numerous benefits, including access to better job opportunities, confidentiality, and a streamlined recruitment process. Building effective partnerships with recruiters in the manufacturing industry can be a valuable asset for job seekers and employers.

Brian Pho, Campbell Morden’s manufacturing recruiter with more than 10+ years of experience, would love to connect with you! If you want to advance your career, Brian can help!

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