Temporary Staffing

Campbell Morden is well versed in crisis management and the recruitment required to get through difficult times! If you are in need of confidential, efficient and effective temporary staffing contact us today

Hiring Efficiency

Campbell Morden recognizes the importance of speed during any crisis or time of need. Especially when it comes to filling temporary roles. You can trust Campbell Morden to respond quickly and continuously fit the temporary roles.

Crisis Management

We have worked with companies throughout a wide spectrum of crises. Contact us and we will work with you to find the optimal staffing solutions for your situation

COVID-19 Preparation

We listen to our public health officials when interviewing candidates to keep everybody safe and socially distanced. We can assist you in setting up Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google HangOut meetings to ensure we are all socially responsible during this time.

Payroll Services

Campbell Morden can also provide payroll services to our temporary assignments. Saving you time, reducing administrative load and cost and simplifying payroll management. Allowing you to focus on your company’s growth and profit.

Contract Staffing

Seeking to fill a contract position instead? With Campbell Morden’s 20+ years of experience as a search and recruiting firm. We have the resources and know how to build a custom staffing solution for your business.

We are here to support your custom recruitment needs. Whether it’s a temporary or contract position, Campbell Morden will find the right people for the job.

temporary staffing with campbell morden

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