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"I had the opportunity to work with Alex Warne for almost 10 years and have always respected her integrity and ability to stand up for what is right. A consummate team player and strong leader, Alex consistently provides support and mentorship to others."
Parag Shah
Align Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

"I have known Alex for over a decade and have worked alongside her extensively. While Alex has a proven track record in managing the financials of a successful business, her key differentiator is her ability to build teams of the 'right' people as a foundation to this financial success.

She intuitively knows how to set people up for success and placing them in roles that meet their professional objectives while meeting the overall objectives of the business. She understands and operates under the premise that the success of any business comes down to the people!  Alex is a 'connector'. She highly values and cultivates lasting professional relationships."
Carol M.
Managing Director & Founder
A2B Direct Care Inc.

"I have know Alex Warne in a professional capacity for over 10 years. She is a fine physiotherapist - and was well known to me as a leader in clinical service delivery models for a regional group of clinics. Alex has always shown deep passion for her people and her business. She brings enthusiasm and a style of leadership that gets things done.

She always demands the best from her staff while maintaining a close friendly interest in their lives. I wish her success with her new role and know she will continue to make a difference."
Stefan Fletcher
CEO - reBalanceMD

"Tanya provides our organization with outstanding candidates in a timely, cost effective manner. It is always a pleasure working with Tanya, Sr. Partner. I highly recommend Tanya to any other organization for prompt, professional recruitment services."
Mira Ismail
Toronto Centre For Medical Imaging

"Tanya identifies and attracts highly skilled professionals that fit into our area of practice, which is insolvency; these are typically: Estate Administrators, Debt Solutions Managers and Trustees in Bankruptcy. She has assisted us with our recruitment needs both on the personal and corporate side of our practice and helps fill vacancies quickly.

After fifteen years+ of dedicated service, we continue to rely on Tanya's skills and understanding of our culture to effectively satisfy our recruitment needs in a competitive market."
Natasha Mills 
Director, Human Resources Manager, A. Farber & Partners Inc.

"Brian is a recruiter who understands the requirements of his clients and is able to communicate these to prospective candidates effectively. A pleasure to work with."
Randy McDonald cmtse
Sales, Memex Automation Inc.

"Brian is an excellent recruiter agent. I had the pleasure to work with Brian and I will not hesitate to work with him again. He is highly skilled when dealing with people."
Khalil Zeaiter
Senior Reliability Engineer, Celestica
(was with another company when working with Brian at Campbell Morden Inc.)

"Brian provided a service that was exceptionally rewarding. Brian was always on top of the process and followed through with exceptional results. I will recommend Brian to any that need his services. GREAT JOB WELL DONE!"
Kevin Maye
Maintenance Supervisor, KIK Custom Products

"Brian was instrumental in placing me at Bystronic Canada Ltd. His help and guidance will be of assistance to others looking for placement. Hopefully and sadly, I am not in need of his services in the future. Thank you Brian."
Greg Sayer
Service Engineer, Bystronic Inc.
(was with another company when working with Brian at Campbell Morden Inc.)

“Brian is a trustworthy business partner and has successfully recommended outstanding candidates to Phillips E.T. despite the difficulty to hire for our highly specialized roles. During my interaction with many recruiting firms, Brian and his firm stand out because of their dedication to customer service, quality of candidates and extensive knowledge of our industry.

I enjoy working with Brian and will ask for his help whenever I have recruiting needs."
Fang (Ann) Wei
Former HR Manager, Phillips Engineering Technologies - Heavy Machine Tools

"In short, Brian is one of the most business savvy recruiting professionals I have ever come across. He has been a strategic partner for one of my international locations during tough economic times and in an industry experiencing trepidation. He has a keen sense of candidate competency and a true customer focus.

When doing business in Canada, I will partner with him at every opportunity."
Nikita Steals
Former Corporate HR Manager, Phillips Engineering Technologies - Heavy Machine Tools

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