Top 3 Answers To: Should I Partner With A Recruiter?

Are you currently a GM or a VP of a manufacturing plant?

Frustrated with your internal Talent Acquisition team and Human Resources because they can not provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates for your open position?

Have you thought to yourself, “I’m not in a rush to hire for this position (but secretly you really are). You are paying for an underperforming manager that is disengaged with the business. You think to yourself, “this current Manager is increasing my expense line in my P&L and if I don’t do anything soon, my head might be on the chopping block.” If you asked yourself any of these questions, it may be time to ask “should I partner with a recruiter?”

Keeping an underperforming manager on your manufacturing team can be a costly one. He / she did not deliver based what they said in the interview process. He is not implementing any of the Continuous Improvement initiatives that he said he would do in the interview. Our company is behind in shipments and to add to the frustration, he is already an angry customer. You are fed up with the internal Human Resources and Talent Acquisition team but you also understand that the internal talent acquisition team is recruiting for 50 different positions all across North America. Unfortunately you know that your plant is not in priority sequence. You start to think to yourself – “I need to expedite this process

Should I Partner With A Recruiter? stressed during hiring process

Time To Call A Recruiter Right?

What benefit can we provide? Why do we charge the fees that we do? A recruiter engaged with your industry can be a benefit to your manufacturing and operations team. A good recruiter understands your market (whether it be Food/CPG/Automotive). They also completely understand the situation the GM is in. In some cases, the recruiter might be a former Plant Manager or General Manager that has decided to move into agency recruitment. They understand the urgency in making that fill/hire.

#1 – Recruiters Understand Your Market – Time To Hire Is A Costly Metric

Recruiters can go to the market and completely explain the situation to potential candidates. We can vet the candidates, conduct a semi-technical interview and provide you with suitable candidates within your expected budgeted salary/compensation range. We understand urgency and we can cater and target a recruitment strategy that is dedicated to you. Engaging a recruiter for your open roles would give you a different experience than what your internal Talent Acquisition teams provide you. Think of it as a more tailored custom approach towards filling your important roles while your internal HR and Talent Acquisition teams rely on “Post and Pray” scenarios.

#2 – Recruiters Think Confidentiality Is Paramount

This is key. Everything a recruiter does has to respect confidentiality. Confidentiality exists both from a corporation stand point and also from the candidate. We treat all our discussions as confidential. We believe that our conversations should not be shared with anyone. When engaging a recruiter, we understand the delicate politics that occur within an organization and we dig out the motivation of why a candidate wants to leave their current role / position. We understand that we are dealing with peoples lives and careers. We understand that having one slip of information (from the corporation or candidate), can severely jeopardize their current role and position. Do you have an under-performing Supervisor on your team and you want to confidentially replace him? This is where we can add-value to the recruitment process.

#3 -Recruiters Manage The Recruitment Process – Candidate And Hiring Manager

A lot can go wrong over a long recruitment process. I’ve seen the recruitment life cycle take at least 4 to 6 months in order to fill a key position. VPs can lose candidates due to a delay in their hiring processes. Candidate expectations of salary can be miscommunicated. Counter Offers within existing companies may incentive the candidate to say at their current job. Let’s face it. Recruiting is a very emotional experience.

Losing a top candidate due to a counter offer is devastating to the Hiring Manager. We are here to manage your expectations during the recruitment lifecycle. We can consult with you when you find out that your top candidate doesn’t take your position or when the search goes back to a pool of zero candidates (Ground Zero). Utilizing a recruiter allows the Hiring Manager to see what’s available in the market. A recruiter has a good finger on the pulse. They understand the market you work in and they can advise you on respective costs it would take to secure your next key important hire.

Time To Hire in regards to should I partner with a recruiter?

Recruiters do More than Just Using The “Post And Pray” Methodology

Should I partner with a recruiter? Using a recruiter to fill a key role in your corporation is a different experience than trying to do it yourself. We are more than just a “Post and Pray” job board. If you are looking for a multitude of candidates of unvetted resumes for your open role, maybe using a Job Board is the best scenario for you.

If you want a more engaged experience where a) the Hiring Manager can manage both client / candidate expectations. B) source out in the market for that candidate that properly fits your role and, c) present 3-4 candidates on a short list properly vetted technically, then you should partner with a recruiter. Ultimately we can provide candidates that are motivated for your job and they come prepared for the interview. Isn’t this worth what you will pay in the recruitment fee?

If you want more information on why you should use a recruiter to fill your next confidential or open role, please do not hesitate to contact me today.

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