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About This Guide

This guide is designed to help employers and employees navigate the South Western Automotive, Building Materials, CPG/ Food Manufacturing, and OEM Capital Equipment industries. If you’re looking for a job or a candidate having up-to-date information at your fingertips is crucial.

The author, Brian Pho, specializes in engineering, technical management and sales for manufacturing clients within Canada. He is a senior search consultant and brings 10+ years of technical recruitment experience to his clients. Brian works with leading manufacturing companies supplying both shop floor and technical management staffing. His office is in Vaughan, ON and he holds an Engineering degree from McMaster University. Brian is a member of NPA Worldwide, one of the oldest and most trusted recruiter networks operating internationally.

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About Campbell Morden

manufacturing staffing agency campbell morden

Campbell Morden is your reliable staffing agency. We have the experience, confidentiality, and understanding to fit candidates to your specifications, ensuring long-term retention and success. With 20+ years of operation in Canada, Campbell Morden has the talent network you need to succeed.

We have the capacity to recruit in different regions of Canada. (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec and Northern and SW Ontario). We are an active member of NPA Worldwide Network and we have the ability to recruit for your manufacturing and industrial sales positions across Canada.

Campbell Morden is a manufacturing and engineering staffing agency located in Vaughan, ON. We have 15+ years of manufacturing, sales and management recruitment experience focusing on industrial, manufacturing, CPG, food, automotive and capital equipment industries. Industrial and Manufacturing Recruitment is in our blood and establishing solid candidate and client experiences are paramount to us.