How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Temporary Employee?

By Brian Pho | August 4, 2021 | Employer Articles

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Contract and temporary employees can be a great addition to your life cycle recruitment strategy. There are many upside benefits from hiring a contract or temporary employee over a permanent hire.

1. You Can Scale Up/Down The Number Of Temporary Employees Depending On Your Business Demand

Contractors and temporary employees act as an addition to your business. If business volume increases, don’t hesitate to call the agency to add more employees to your shop. We can quickly source skilled labour in a limited amount of time. The cost to hire a temporary employee is more cost effective than hiring an employee full time.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about payroll source deductions, CPP, and EI payments. Although we charge a higher rate than a permanent employee, paying out large severance packages or a lump sum to a direct hire employee can be costly when business slow downs.

2. You Can Hire For A Specific Amount Of Time

Do you have a special project that you need skilled talent for 6 months? Contractors and temporary employees can definitely assist you in this regard. Contractors are great for companies in the automation and OEM space. If it takes 6 months to build and integrate an entire automation system in the shop, highly skilled contractors can help with this for the length of your project. You can budget the number of contractors needed for a length of time it takes to build the automation system.

3. You Can Accurately Pay Your Workers

Stuck in a place where union wages are stagnated. Can’t get qualified workers for your plant at current union wages. Market wages for candidates do not reflect what you are paying for temporary employees. Since contractors and temporary employees are on the agency payroll, you can afford to pay these contractors and temporary employees the wages they are looking for. This gives you an option of fulfilling highly skilled talent at higher wages than following a collective agreement.

4. You Can Try Before You Buy

Direct hire comes with a 3 month probationary period. Finding out an employee doesn’t fit in the first 2 months results in a loss of wages for the company. Using temporary assignment employees allows you to try the talent before you buy. You can also try out the employee part time as an assignment employee before committing to them full time.

We all understand on-boarding a new direct hire employee is a costly and maybe an inefficient process. With our payroll services that we offer, you only pay for the hours that they work. Forget the hefty recruitment fee that direct hire recruitment will invoice you when the candidate start.

Interested in hiring a temporary employee? Workforce deployment is driving you insane?

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