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Heavy Equipment Service Instructor (Regina, SK)


Brian Pho


Technical Management

Work city:

Regina, SK (relocation paid)

Work start:






Location: Regina, SK (Relocation paid)
Salary: $85,000 - $95,000 per annum + bonus

We are looking for a Heavy Equipment Service Instructor to be located in Regina, SK.

You possess:
  • A valid Heavy Equipment Technician License
  • Experience Instructing or training Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
  • Ability to travel and relocate to Regina, SK.

 Develop professional quality curriculum for adult learners, including instructional and evaluation materials
related to the repair, overhaul, diagnosis, maintenance and operation of heavy duty powered mobile
equipment and associated attachments and technology.
 Collaborate with others (e.g. service managers, product support trainers, business process trainers, safety
coordinators, John Deere, etc) in the development and delivery of Brandt Service Excellence curriculum.
 Schedule, coordinate and deliver instruction in collaboration with others and based on demand and
available resources. Audiences for instruction include Brandt service technicians, service personnel, and
other product support personnel.
 Continuously improve learning outcomes by recording, monitoring, reporting and integrating learner
feedback and outcomes.
 Support employee/organizational competence regarding the service of heavy equipment products,
attachments and systems.
Instructional Development
 Develop professional quality, instructionally sound educational curriculum that enable students to
efficiently, effectively and safely operate, diagnose, assemble/disassemble, repair and/or evaluate the
working condition of heavy duty mobile equipment and associated systems.
 Ensure classroom and hands-on education has a particular emphasis on:
o John Deere construction and forestry equipment, and commercial worksite products;
o Other vendor construction and forestry equipment, commercial worksite products, and equipment
attachments and technology as required.

 Utilize a variety of information sources to develop heavy equipment service technician educational
curriculum and supporting materials.
 Utilize machine system and vendor information systems in the development of materials (e.g. to program
hands-on diagnostic scenarios, to update instructional materials, etc.).
 Develop instructionally sound evaluations (tests, quizzes, scenarios, etc.) to measure student acquisition
and retention of course and program content.
 Maintain an up-to-date electronic and hardcopy catalogue of program materials including course outlines
and descriptions.
 Use MS Office computer applications to create and update manuals, handouts, wall charts, schematics and
Instruction Scheduling, Coordination and Delivery
 Schedule instructional delivery in collaboration with the corporate training manager, other instructors,
product support trainers, Brandt managers, and manufacturers.
 Communicate to everyone involved via Brandtnet or by other means (e.g. email) accurate and complete
schedules and course information.
 Ensure delivery and scheduling is efficient and maximizes instructor time.
 Deliver instruction to Brandt Tractor’s and manufacturers’ standards, and to accepted instructional design
standards for adult learners.
 Ensure students complete any pre-requisite requirements by monitoring enrolments and completions.
 Document and report student evaluation scores and attendance.
 As appropriate distribute Certificates of Completion to students.
 Collaborate with others to coordinate schedules.


Continuous Improvement
 Gather feedback from students and others to continuously improve program content and delivery (e.g. by
ensuring feedback is documented, collected and integrated).
 Ensure instructional materials and programs are kept current.
 Attend internal and external (e.g. John Deere) training and achieve certification in new product models,
technology or other topics as required.
 Ensure communications and presentations meet Brandt’s brand guidelines.
 Follow all internal requirements for developing curriculum, reporting scores, etc.
Organizational Support
 Support efforts to analyse and respond to organizational development needs.
 Develop and deliver other instruction to meet organizational needs (e.g. safety, operator instruction, etc.).
 Follow all company policies, procedures and directives, in particular those related to education and training
such as pre-requisite completions, course and program durations, recording information, travel, expenses,
 Perform any additional work requested/required to meet the needs of the human resources department,
product support team, and Brandt, its customers and affiliates, and its branches and service departments.
 Certified as a Journeyman in the heavy duty equipment technician trade or equivalent designated trade,
preferably as an Interprovincial (Red Seal) Journeyman.
 Has a solid foundation of mechanical, analytical and technical, and instructional design and delivery
knowledge and skill.
 Demonstrates a strong commitment to occupational health and safety.
 Able to work well collaboratively with the product support training team, and with corporate and branch
 Able to be self-directed and organize work, set priorities and achieve work related objectives and goals.
 Shows initiative in learning about Brandt Tractor’s products and equipment, and is committed to continuous
 Demonstrates professionalism and recognizes the importance of the instructor’s role as leader in modeling
health and safety, professional behavior and performance excellence.
 Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
 Is flexible in supporting and is responsive to the instructional needs of Brandt Tractors branches and their
 Is able to travel freely within North America.
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