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Plant/Production Manager - Food Industry


Brian Pho


Technical Management

Work city:

Etobicoke, ON

Work start:







$85,000 Annual + 20% Bonus

We are looking for a Production / Plant Manager to manage a food manufacturing business in Etobicoke, ON

Reports to: President

Job purpose: To oversee a manufacturing plant's operations, to provide leadership and to ensure that budget and production deadlines are met.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

1. Provide guidance in Purchasing, Product Design/Development, Site Standards, and Process Control as outlined in Global Standard with regards to Food Production and Safety

2. Delegate production and food safety compliance responsibility to the Supervisor and QC staff.

3. Work with the QC for supplier approval and performance monitoring

4. Work with the QC and production for process control program implementation and continuous improvement

5. Oversee production, sanitation and logistic department

6. Responsible for carrying out and completing all production orders respectively

7. Ensuring quality of all products and maintaining plant efficiency (ie: proper run times, minimal waste and preventative maintenance, lean labour scheduling including responsibility for labour shortages/gaps)

8. Actively involved during audit and corrective action follow-up

9. Employee management including, hiring, performance evaluation, disciplinary actions up to and including terminations.

10. Hiring of or dismissal of contractors.

11. Responsible for the coordination and execution of all production; coordinating all orders specifically pertaining to production and overseeing the functions of logistics

12. Responsible for the handling all equipment and machinery needs – work closely with Maintenance to ensure proper upkeep and parts are on hand to limit downtime

13. In house day-to-day operations within the administrative and production realms of the business

14. Maintain clean and safe plant.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $80,000.00 to $85,000.00 /year

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