6 Key Candidate Warnings Signs That Tell You To Move On

By Brian Pho | November 28, 2022 | Employer Articles

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With many people applying for several jobs available in the market, isolating top candidates from the rest of the batch can be challenging. 

To get the best talent in your industry, you need to detect candidate warning signs earlier in the recruiting process. Spending too much time concentrating on poor prospects or even making an error in hiring them can negatively impact your business. 

Hiring errors are pricey, and you don’t want to hire the wrong person for the position. So, we have put together some tips that can guide you on how to spot candidate warning signs before the hiring procedure.

They don’t follow the job description.

The first candidate warning sign is that the candidates fail to obey easy instructions when applying for a job. Some examples are that they don’t provide a cover letter when you request one or don’t answer all the screening questions you’ve asked when applying. It implies that they are putting in minimal effort. 

They lack enthusiasm

When a candidate gets a proposal for an interview, there should be interest and excitement on their end. If they lack enthusiasm, it could signify that your company is not their first preference. It could also signal the kind of energy and mindset they would bring to the table once they are in the role. 

They lack proper communication skills

It is essential to have strong communicators in the company, even more so with individuals functioning remotely. If a candidate is hard to get in touch with and takes a long time to answer, or the way they conversate is unsatisfactory, then believe in moving on to another prospect. 

They lack interest

Candidates interested in working for your company will have several questions about your company and the position. They’ll start questioning as soon as you allow them. And they’ll continue to ask questions throughout the hiring procedure. 

They claim no weaknesses

Everybody has imperfections. So, it’s a possible red flag if you meet a candidate who proclaims to have no weaknesses or evades answering questions about their flaws. 

They are too immersed in themselves

The last candidate warning sign is if they are immersed in themselves. They may ask more questions than usual about company benefits and salary. Or they may be more concerned about what the company can do for them. Good candidates concentrate on building mutually beneficial relationships. They will exemplify how they are helpful to the company and can be an asset. 

Determining candidate warning signs seems more manageable than it is in practice. Many candidates are well-versed in masking critical points that disqualify them from consideration. Use all the resources available to make the best hiring judgment. 

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